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Keynote Speakers

Savitri Dixon-Saxon and Sherritta Hughes

The American College Counseling Association is pleased to welcome two keynote speakers for the 2020 conference.  Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon is the Vice Provost at Walden University and will speak at ACCA on Friday, February 28th about resilience and the role of counselors as allies to college students..  On Saturday, February 29th Dr. Sherritta Hughes, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Counseling at Georgian Court University, will present on improving cultural encounters between mental health providers and underrepresented clients.  

Savitri Dixon-Saxon

Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon is a Vice Provost
at Walden University.  With a 27 year career in higher education, Savitri Dixon-Saxon has been an administrator at Walden since 2005.  She started her career at Walden as the program director for the M.S. in Mental Health Counseling and most recently served as the dean of the School of Counseling and the Barbara Solomon School of Social Work and Human Services.  In her time at Walden, she has provided oversight for the establishment of two schools; the establishment of eleven academic programs; and accreditation for five counseling programs by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational programs (CACREP), accreditation of the Master of Social Work program and the Bachelor of Social Work program through the Council for Social Work Education (CSWE). 

Dr. Dixon-Saxon’s primary areas of interest are the psychosocial identity of African American women; intergenerational workplace dynamics; and leadership and mentoring in distance education.  As a single and custodial parent herself, Dr. Dixon-Saxon has focused her research on the issues of African-American single mothers, especially those who are in poverty and those who are trying to achieve and maintain middle-class status as single parents. In 2013, Dr. Dixon-Saxon was named a Woman Worth Watching by the Diversity Journal.  From 2016 to 2019, Dr. Dixon-Saxon served as the chair of Walden’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, creating the model for the inaugural group of diversity and inclusion ambassadors, and in 2019, she initiated Walden’s first interdisciplinary social change conference called Real World Solution to Real World Problems aimed at identifying models for interdisciplinary collaborations for some of the world’s most urgent crises.   A trained counselor educator, Savitri is a licensed professional counselor in North Carolina and national certified counselor.  She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her talented teenager. 

Sherrita Hughes

Dr. Sherritta Hughes is a licensed mental health counseling practitioner, approved clinical supervisor. She is a clinical director over a private practice that homes in holistic treatment of clients who have experienced trauma and life issues related to cultural identity and wellness. Relative to practicing, her specialty areas revolve around multidimensional wellness, identity development, healthy self-concept, and meaning. Dr. Hughes is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Counseling at Georgian Court University, in Lakewood, NJ. As a Counselor Educator and Supervisor, she teaches a host of courses in their Clinical Mental Health curriculum and dedicates her time on campus to the EOF program and to the CMH students who want to be active in state and national counseling associations.

Directly after grad school at Alabama A&M and during her doctoral studies at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Hughes provided free wellness workshops at churches and community recreation centers.  Over the last ten years she expanded these activities to more involvement in community outreach. In this outreach, Dr. Hughes started Operation H2O and Bagged Lunch, where she and friends spend one Saturday a month passing out water and lunches in inner city communities. As she describes this a special, yet sad experience, many of the recipients had quality of life issues that they identified as physical health problems, limited life direction, access to mental health care, etc.

Having these community outreach experiences allows Dr. Hughes to better inform her teaching, practice, and overall relating. In terms of practice, the allowance is the integration of how to better conceptualize problems that people encounter; accounting for complexity, and in consideration for context, identity, and lifespan. Regarding teaching, Dr. Hughes brings real life narratives into the classroom to be discussed by adult students--future practitioners, who themselves have lived experiences that inform their learning.  

As Dr. Hughes is also the 2019-2020 President of the New Jersey Counseling Association, and past president of Maryland’s and New Jersey’s multicultural counseling divisions, her leadership is behind the scenes, building relationships between members and colleagues, making and creating connections, and breaking up the status quo through engagement, action, and inclusion.

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