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Summer Symposium Breakout Sessions

College Women and Intimate Partner Violence:  What it is and what it means 

Presented by Kelly Gentry

Recently, the focus in higher education has been on the prevention and intervention strategies of sexual assault on campus. However, more than 40% of college women report experiencing abuse by an intimate partner making it a significant cause for concern on college campuses. This session will focus on defining IPV, recognizing the signs, and identifying the mental health and academic impact of IPV on college women.

Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Acuity, Access and Adapting to Changing Needs

Presented by Janelle Johnson and Rosalie Lipfert

The Pandemic prompted innovation from college counselors to adapt to increased rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental health symptoms among students while also providing remote or hybrid services. Nearly two years into the Pandemic, our forms of service delivery, which were at one point novel, have become part of our everyday practice. It has become apparent that "the measures that are taken now to support a vulnerable student population will help mitigate the overall global mental health burden associated with this period of extraordinary disruption" (Grubic, N, et al., 2020).The adaptations required throughout the Pandemic afforded new strengths in service delivery for instance, telehealth facilitated greater accessibility for many students but the need for these changes also exposed opportunities for growth that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This presentation will focus on new strategies for innovative service delivery for students grappling with returning to a hybrid campus. Counseling Services used the Pandemic to participate in the creation of a Student Resource Center, formed partnerships with cohort and allied health programs, teamed up with faculty to create programming to end mental health stigma, launched "The Chill Room," a virtual support site, and provided online student support groups. 

Ethical Considerations in Clinical Supervision & The Supervisory Relationship

Presented by Becca Smith

This session will focus on what is required to be an ethical supervisor and the ethical responsibilities of a clinical supervisor.  The participants will be able to identify what unethical supervision looks like and review how small things can lead to big issues, including lack of documentation.  This session will focus on cultural humility in the supervisory relationship.  The session will end focusing on the importance of gatekeeping and remediation.

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