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Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award is presented to an individual that has Demonstrated service to the profession of college counseling and/or to ACCA; this award will be offered in three categories: community/technical college setting; college or university population under 5000; and college or university population over 5000.

Past Award Recipients


  • Timothy Bond; Community/Technical College
  • Steffanie Grossman; Four Year College


  • Amy Ralston-Beike; Community/Technical College
  • Heidi Rae O'Connor; Four Year College


  • Mark Tovar; Community/Technical College
  • Taffey Cunnien; University Population Under 5,000
  • Janelle Johnson
  • Danielle Turk
  • Leslie Stewart
  • Patrick Mooney
  • Taffey Cunnien
  • Gloria Hines
  • Julie Lineburgh
  • Melissa Nard
  • Joyce Thomas
  • Betty Varghese
  • Taffey Cunnien
  • Taffey Cunnien
  • Sarah Evans
  • Marcia Hanlon
  • Julia Porter
  • Joyce Thomas
  • Joshua Watson
  • Kevin Gaw
  • Shannon Andreas
  • June Williams
  • Cynthia Bing
  • Joyce Thomas
  • Rebecca Kuhn
  • Michelle Stefanisko
  • Peggy Simpkins
  • Steve Brown
  • Carolyn Thomas
  • Rhonda Perry
  • Patricia Neumann
  • Joyce Thomas
  • Michael Bucell
  • Chuck Goodrum
  • Laura Pascal
  • Cheryl Bond; Community/Technical College
  • Kelly Clark; University population under 5,000
  • James Pitts; University population over 5,000

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